Bernie Madoff’s Guide to Fine Dining

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…Bernie Madoff’s Guide to Fine Dining. In a 100-page document of Madoff’s AmEx records, the public finally gets to see where this monster ate, using his 14 different credit cards. Thankfully, rifled through the lengthy report so we didn’t have to, finding out everything from where Bernie and his buds munched on lobster and how often to how little or how much Madoff left for a tip, which at his worst was 6 percent, but usually an even 20 percent. While he was ripping off everyone in the world, at least he was good to the help.

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  1. cannabissel

    1/19/08 – Russ & Daughters – $43.92

    I wonder if he ordered the sandwich formerly known as the “Superheeb.”

  2. iconic

    …and, who did Madoff break bread with??

    “Madoff”s Other Secret : Love, Money, Bernie, and Me.”

    Ex-Hadassah CFO, Sheryl Weinstein writes about being Bernie’s mistress for 20 years. …Will be published 8/25 (St.Martin’s,Amazon, and Barnes & Nobl

  3. ryan

    He is a consistently good tipper is really the truth. The majority of these tips are between 18-20%; with the occasional shockingly low tip. This is, for sure, best explained as being an additional gratuity added to the already 20% tacked onto large parti


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