Are We Now Ready for the First Jewish President?

Oscar Goodman in 2012?

What do you think?

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Yid Vicious

Yid Vicious is a proud, self-hating Jew, who believes that Jon Stewart is the anti-Christ. His favorite food is toast.

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  1. Puck

    He may be of Jewish descent but he’s about as Jewish as Zac Efron…Vogel was a practicing Jew but Bell converted to Christianity and was, by definition, no longer Jewish.
    Still, that’s a lot closer to a Jewish Prime Minister than Australia is ever likel

  2. Anonymous

    “He may be of Jewish descent but he’s about as Jewish as Zac Efron”

    Was that supposed to be an ironic statement of some sort? You do know that Zac Efron is Jewish? His names ARE “Zac” and “Efron” for goodness sake, not “Chris O’Reilly”! It’s about as

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, and Oscar Goodman will never be president. Not even a candidate.

    Eric Cantor (Republican and Jewish) could definitely run in 2012, though. There are a few more Jewish Republicans who could run, Linda Lingle, Norm Coleman (if he beats Franken), Geor

  4. Anonymous

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