Appetite for Destruction

_(exerpted from original article)_
“I’ve got a hard on. Chinese food for $4.75. And it comes with soup. I ordered two main dishes. Szechuan Palace on Ninth Avenue. Can a Jew be any happier? My son at Harvard recommended it.”

On the eve of his trial for harassment, _Screw_ magazine publisher Al Goldstein is in a great mood.

The most corpulent symbol of hedonism and New York Jew largesse to have survived into the 21st century is returning to his favorite arena, the courtroom, to act out his latest escapade in front of a spectacle-hungry media. This, however, is not a grand battle for freedom of speech, a cause for which Al Goldstein is justifiably famous. He has been arrested 19 times on obscenity charges, yet has been found guilty only once: a misdemeanor in 1971 for showing pubic hair in his magazine.

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