APOCALYPSE!!! Upper West Side H & H Bagels Closing Today

Kramer H & HIf the recent uptick in tornadoes and dick pics wasn’t sign enough that the end of days is nigh, then this definitely is: The Upper West Side is unable to sustain an H & H Bagels. Seemingly out of nowhere, the 80th Street institution quietly announced that it will be closing for good tomorrow, but the last day of business is today, Tuesday June 21st. If you can handle the shlep, H & H has another outpost at 46th over by 12th Avenue that will remain open, but of course, it won’t be the same.

The Wall Street Journal has the full scoop on the odd closing. You’d think a cameo on “Seinfeld” would have sustained H & H as it has the otherwise boring Tom’s Restaurant. I guess that’s life. The question is, if H & H is leaving, will the Jews of the Upper West Side soon follow?

What do you think?

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Jonathan Poritsky

Jonathan Poritsky lives in Austin and misses a good bagel. You can read more of his work at the candler blog.

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  1. Yaotai

    People are realizing that, like the financial system- NY bagels are based on ( and taste like) thin air. After the collapse, we’ll rebuild, and finally have a Montreal bagel based infrastructure.


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