Allegedly Gay (Definitely Fat) Basketball Player Sued By Jewish Ex-Con Driver

Eddy Curry, former Chicago Bull, current New York Knick, and all-around fatso, has some big, fat litigation coming his way. The oversized Curry, former NBA leader in field goal percentage (like five years ago…whatever) is being sued by his driver, one David Kuchinsky, for making him clean up his cum-rags, and calling him mean, racially-charged things, like "white slave" and "fucking Jew." Kuchinsky also alleges that the Knick pointed a loaded gun at him, and that a drunk, bloated Curry would often approach him in the nude and dare to him to "touch it." Classy. From New York mag’s Daily Intel:

"Kuchinsky is seeking $98,000 plus damages, which his lawyer suggests can be upward of $5 million. Curry denies all of it, and his lawyer is quick to point out that Kuchinsky himself is a convicted felon, having spent three years in a New Jersey prison because of a 1992 burglary."

The Daily Intel entry was clipped from a New York Post story, worth checking out for the awesome crazies in the comments section. Also see the National Lampoon’s "Splog," for more coverage.

What do you think?

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  1. Puck

    Gee I always thought being gay was the best excuse people had for not being fat :P

  2. kislev

    so what the guys is an ex-con. if he was abused he was abused. America is a prison nation. doesn’t give anyone the right to abuse anyone.


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