Action Bronson Gives Love To Nursing Home Bubbies

We’ve been into Queens-bread, Albanian-Jewish rap force of nature Action Bronson for a while, now. But his latest gig – arranged by the folks at Noisey – put us right over the edge from “fan” to “committed devotees”. It seems the street hard, tough-talkin’ Bronson has a soft spot for adorable bubbies. Unfortunately, the elderly residents of St. Hilda’s Community Center don’t exactly share that appreciation, as was made evident during his recent performance at the London nursing home. Take a look:

Not even his declaration that “Now I am going to hand out chocolates” seems to sway the ladies (Silly Bronson, it’s the bubbies who hand out candy, not you!) although they are impressed by his beard.

Everyone’s a critic.

[via Hypervocal]

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