Aaron Rodgers Tries To Defend Disgraced Slugger Ryan Braun – Ends Up Looking Dumb

By now, Jewish baseball star Ryan Braun’s admission of having made “some mistakes” (that is – taking hell of Performance Enhancing Drugs) and his subsequent suspension is old news. The sports media and baseball fanatics have begun the inevitable dance of blame and forgiveness,  the world keeps turning, and blah blah blah, it’s on to the next token Jewish Athlete (My vote – rugby champ Zachary Test). But there’s an interesting asterisk to this story: In the midst of this shande fer da goyim, one righteous gentile – fellow Wisconsin Athlete/demigod, Green Bay Packer  Aaron Rodgers – attempted to stand up for his sport superstar brethren. And, today, Rodgers is looking pretty stupid.

When the rumor mill first began buzzing about Braun’s extra brawn in 2012, Rodgers took to twitter to defend the now-disgraced Hebrew Hammer. As reported and compiled by City Pages:


Okay, so Wisconsin sport-o’s stick together. Fine. But then Rodgers made a..uh.. “tactical” error.

Ryan_Braun_s_steroid_suspension_makes_Aaron_Rodgers_look_really_bad_-_Minneapolis_-_News_-_The_Blotter 2Whoops!

So, now that Braun’s PED popping is confirmed, the only question remaining is just what will Rodgers be putting his reported 4.5 million dollar 2013 salary toward? A state of the art sports facility for underprivileged Green Bay kids? A state of the art deli for underprivileged Green Bay Jews?  Either way, Aaron, it’s time to #Ponyup.


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  1. Jordan Freeman

    PLEASE LET IT BE A 4.5 MILLION DOLLAR JEWISH DELI!!!! On behalf of Wisconsin Jews I say we could really use a good Jewish deli. The closest deli’s we have are very basic and are just ok. The next closest would be Chicago where they do have a decent selection of quality places but on the pricier side. That does mean though we have to venture into the land of the bears. So again please Aaron Rodgers build us an Awesome Jewish Deli Wisconsin style with kosher beer, kosher cheese curds, and kosher beer battered brats.

  2. McQueen

    For the bet to be put into the effect the other guy would have had to bet the same amount — or at least his own salary. No bet.


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