_I Drink for a Reason_

Text by Lauren Soroken

I used to identify with Fear of Flying, not because I read the book, but the title spoke to me. Fortunately, I discovered drinking a few gin and tonics relieved all of my aviation anxiety and that brings me to my new favorite book title, I Drink for a Reason by David Cross (a.k.a. "never-nude" Tobias from Arrested Development). However unlike Erica Jong’s novel, I will read Cross’s first book, or more likely skim it, just to find out if there’s any truth to those Hitler tattoo rumors.

For those not reading for tat stats, Cross also covers topics like religion, the media and a feverish distaste for Jim Belushi. Plus there’s the amazing author bio, in which Cross not only announces he is "currently fucking Amber Tamblyn" but includes a photo of the actress’s father, actor Russ Tamblyn, on the back cover instead of his own.

Who knew Cross had all that kinda-kosher skin art? Tattoos may be forbidden, but maybe they’ll make an exception when it’s God spanking Hitler until he cries tears that water the crops for hungry villagers. Either way, we’ll all need a drink when we get to that point. And just so we can all drink for a reason:

What do you think?

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