_Heeb_ TV: We Bring _Extra_ Some of Roseanne Barr’s “Jew Cookies”

(Watch the Video After the Jump)

Watch Extra‘s Mario Lopez provide in depth of analysis of the controversial photos of Roseanne Barr in Heeb Magazine. The best part is Heeb publisher’s cameo at the end.

In the month of July, Heeb crossed paths twice with alums from Saved By the Bell – AC Slater and Screech. God I hope Zack Morris pops up in August.

What do you think?

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  1. freejew

    Rosanne Barr doing this offensive crap doesn’t surprise me at all..here’s something from january of thisyear:

    BARR BLASTS ISRAELJewish comedienne ROSEANNE BARR has condemned Israel’s role in the current bloody conflict in the Middle East in a series of

  2. imajew2

    You did it for satire; not shock? But it got you national attention (albeit on a cheesy entertainment program). Come on Josh. At least admit that the publicity doesn’t suck, and Mario’s reporting was riveting.

  3. elancouture

    Let’s see. ET reporter Mario provides “in-depth analysis”? Did I miss the analysis part.

    The best part of report was Josh’s appearance at the end? Yes, I really enjoyed that bit. So riveting.

    Vanity is delicious, isn’t it. You are certainly happy w

  4. rickydicky

    Roseanne is nothing but a demented cunt!

    And I hope Heeb magazine burns out and goes into the toilet fast.

  5. ellenrosen

    O.K., so you need credentials in order to be outraged. Well, I have them. Both of my parents are holocaust survivors. The rest of the family was exterminated. Funny thing, though. I saw the photo and laughed. It’s just so ridiculous. I see no diffe


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