_Heeb_ Intern Gets Smashed, Wins Saucony Spelling Bee

Last night, Saucony Original’s winter season of NY media jackass bar games came to a close with a booze-infused spelling bee–and, despite the assload of alchy flowing at Soho’s Botanica bar, the Jews reigned supreme–in particular, Heeb intern Stef.

In the end, our cheery Greek/Asian (above left, obv) pitted against Thrillist’s menacing Texas Jew (above right). Seen here, the plastered pair readied for the final round, in which they both had to spell "eleemosynary" … whichever souse was closer would take home the gold.

And for some reason the judge picked our boy’s spelling. Why? I have no clue. Take a look at their submissions and decide for yourself:

Texas Jew’s:


The judge claimed it had something to do with Stef’s vowels being closer to the real thing, but I think it was his vulgar flavor and winning attitude. (By round two the belligerent intern would even respond to the judge’s word selections with one-liners such as, "Can you use it in a fuckin’ sentence?") Naturally, as with any win, a celebration subsequently ensued.

Check out more spelling bee pics here.

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  1. kid_cavil

    “In the end, our cheery Greek/Asian (above left, obv) *pitted* against Thrillist’s menacing Texas Jew (above right).”

    FINE, make puns about the sweaty pits. Whatevs. I was totally not the only one sweating.


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