21-Year Old Terrorizes Heeb Office with Tairy Greene Mashup

Pointless as all this may seem, recognize Brenden for obsessing over quality comedy to the point of tedium. We all have this quality, males mostly, that through the years has encouraged us memorize one-liners from Lebowski or, for previous generations, baseball stats on the back of Topps Trading Cards. But, unlike those useless fan boy obsessions, Brenden has arguably discovered something constructive from creating this villainous clip.

“I send it mainly to annoy people,” the spam artist said. “I had the sound clip originally saved so, on occasion, I would utilize a program to mic it in ‘Half-Life 2’ videogames. My hard drive has since crashed, so I lost that file. But I created an even more intense piece of media from the same skit as well.”

What do you think?

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