Winner: Abbe Aronson Eats Shaygitz Sauce on Yom Kippur

We asked you to mail in your most sinful Yom Kippur Moments in 50 words or less, here’s a shorty but a goody by Abbe Aronson.

I left services, went to Gino’s Hamburgers (extra pickles, extra cheese, extra special sauce) and then met my distinctly goyishe dirtbag boyfriend and sampled some of his “special sauce” behind the AM/PM Mini Market.

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  1. Ashamed Jew

    that’s nothing. i didn’t go to services. i spent the whole day high on cocaine and jerking off to extremely non-kosher porn, but hey, at least i fasted (then again, i wasn’t hungry at all!)

    I hope G-d forgives me, somehow.


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