Will Budapest Build The World’s Largest (Kosher) Sandwich?

There are those who would have you believe that Jewish life in post-Holocaust Eastern Europe is nothing more than a dull shadow of its former-self. Those people are idiots. How do I know? A sandwich told me.

Well, okay, the sandwich hasn’t actually told me yet, but if the organizers of Budapest’s Zsido Nyari Fesztival (Jewish Summer Festival) sponsored by the JDC have their way, their city will be home to the Guinness-record holding “World’s Tallest Kosher Sandwich” – a sure sign of vibrant Jewish life if there ever was one.

As reported by the JTA:

Many dozens of bread slices will be used to construct the tower on Sunday on Kazinczy Street in the Hungarian capital’s so-called Jewish Quarter during the sixth Judafest cultural street party, organizers said on Facebook. One of the organizers told JTA the plan is to have a 7-foot stack at least.

The Guinness World Records website shows no record for kosher sandwiches, but the tallest non-kosher sandwich was made in 2007 in India and measured 50 feet. It contained 100 pounds of cucumbers, 88 pounds of meat and 330 pounds of butter.

For those naysayers who would argue that a 7 foot kosher sandwich pales in comparison to a 50 foot non-kosher one, I remind you: It’s not the size of the sandwich, but the quality of the meat, that matters.

What do you think?

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