Why Yes, This IS An Excerpt From A New Andy Kaufman Album

Excitement over posthumous album releases used to be solely the domain of artists like Elvis, Tupac, and the Beatles. But now, nearly thirty years after his death, we can add “Kaufman” to the list of names we’re genuinely excited to hear from beyond the grave. “Andy And His Grandmother” the upcoming release from comic/wrestling champion/head-fucker extraordinaire Andy Kaufman, is comprised of micro-cassette (‘member those?) “field recordings” collected between  1977-79, when Kaufman was arguably at the hight of his comedic WTF-ness.

While the album won’t be available until later this summer, a frustratingly short snippet has been made public- after premiering last week on Dangerousminds.net – to (successfully) whet our appetites. Give a listen:

“Just what in the fuck is going on here?” you ask? As with most things Kaufman, we may never actually find out. But, as with most things Kaufman, that’s also part of the fun.


“Andy And His Grandmother” is compiled by Vernon Chatman (South Park, Wonder Showzen,) with narration by Bill Hader (SNL, South Park) and liner notes by Kaufman co-conspirator Bob Zmuda. It will be released on July 16th, on Drag City records.

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