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Michael Chabon, recently labeled “anti-Semitic”:http://www.jossip.com/gossip/michael-chabon/jewish-writer-michael-chabon-puts-on-a-happy-punim-after-being-branded-an-antisemitic-20070503.php by _The New York Post_, responds in today’s _Daily News_. “It’s a badge of honor, I think, to be condemned by one’s own people, when you’re a Jew,” says Chabon. How come all of the Jews with anything remotely interesting to communicate to the universe are accused of hating themselves while the ones who make us look douchey get a free pass? Can somebody please dig something up on “Mitch Albom”:http://www.albom.com/?

What do you think?

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  1. JanFran

    Self-hatred is not “cool” or interesting. If the “edgy”, “avant-gard” Michael Chabon wanted to be daring why not write something denigrating about Islam or Muhammed. Liberals would never do that since they tend to be politically correct cowards.

  2. Hesed

    If it’s funny, I’m all for it. I don’t tend to place much stock in what the NYP or any other news venture of Rupert Murdoch has to say about satire. They wouldn’t know funny if you threw a pie in their face. Though I suppose we should be grateful, after

  3. Hesed

    You mean at Squatch? Nah, I had Cheryl’s little brother and his fiance staying with us that weekend. I was a little put out by the fact that the Beasties played the Crocodile Cafe on Friday the 26th and I couldn’t go. Dude, the Gorge Ampitheater is NOT Se

  4. mrnhghts

    Hesed said,

    “Dude, the Gorge Ampitheater is NOT Seattle.”

    Oh. Like a typical NY Jew, I thought all of Washington State was pretty much greater Seattle! I know, I know, we’re incorrigible.

  5. Hesed

    “Like a typical NY Jew, I thought all of Washington State was pretty much greater Seattle! ”

    Trust me, we’re working on it. Clearing out rednecks and barbed wire is harder than you think.


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