Watch Sarah Silverman Get Pretty High And Bake Veggie Pot Pies

As far as munchies go, I’m more of a “Little Debbies and — hey, is that a can of whipped cream over there?” kind of guy. I have a hard time imagining any circumstance in which I would smoke up and be cannabinolically inspired to actually attempt a multi-part recipe – much less one that’s actually good for you. But that, I suppose, is what separates me from Sarah Silverman (well, that and about a million other things), who recently appeared as a special guest the massively popular youtube series My Drunk Kitchen. There, Silverman and MDK’s Hannah “Harto” Hart, eschewed the show’s usual boozy format for some indica-fueled fun as they made surprisingly un-fucked-up looking veggie pot pies. Check it out.

Encouraging healthy eating, stretching, and regular oral hygiene? Sarah, you’re truly a role model to us all.

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