Watch Puppy Indiana Jones Take On Kitten Nazis In “Raiders Of The Lost Bark”


If you’ve thrilled over Indiana Jones exploits, but found yourself wishing that both the titular Indy and his Nazi-nemeses were just a little cuddlier, boy are you in luck. We’ve already seen Raiders Of The Lost Ark villain Major Arnold Ernst Toht as a delightfully macabre candle, but this being the internet, and the internet being run by cats, it was, I suppose, only a matter of time before the infamously melty SS officer and his jack-booted cronies were given the kitty treatment.

And who better to vanquish these feline-fuhrer-followers than…Indiana Bones?

(Because he’s a dog. And dogs like bones. Get it?)

(Just watch)

According to the video’s description, Raiders Of The Lost Bark is the product of:

  • 3 rolls of duct tape
  • 108 glue sticks
  • 18 large boxes of cardboard
  • a few all nighters with an adorable puppy

Exhausting work to be sure, but as The Daily Dot points out, this isn’t youtuber FinalCutKing‘s first foray into adorable animal remakes. He’s also the visionary brains behind the equally cuddly “Jedi Kitten.”

[cover via youtube/screenshot]

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