Watch This Bearded Jew High-Five Random New Yorkers Trying To Hail A Cab

Let’s face it, New York can really suck. It’s noisy, smells awful, and is full of jerks who seem to want nothing more than to ruin your day simply because they’re them and you’re you. New York is the kind of city where even the most mundane task – say, “hailing a cab” – can drive an ordinarily level-headed person into a volatile ball of urban rage.

Thank god for Meir Kalmanson, who took it upon himself to hit the streets of Manhattan and give the city’s cab-hailers the positive reinforcement they so rightly deserve. Sure, not everyone seems thrilled with random bearded gentlemen surprising them with unsolicited skin-on-skin contact (Purell, anyone?), but even naysayers have to admit that it’s hard not to be carried away by Meir’s sheer enthusiasm.

What do you think?

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