“Wake the Fuck Up” – Brought to you by Samuel L. Jackson and The Jews

As the 2012 election season heats up, so does the unavoidable bombardment of campaign ads assaulting your brain on an hourly basis. While most of these ads have been fairly straight-forward (and, let’s face it – boring) this heartwarming video – featuring uber-celeb and kangol hat-enthusiast Samuel L. Jackson – succeeds in raising the bar.

Did that soon-to-be-shtupped bubbie look familiar? Could it be Helen Siff – A.K.A. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan‘s Mrs. Skitzer? Given the video’s origin with the Jewish Council for Education & Research, it seems entirely possible.

And who, you might ask, is the JCER? They’re none other than the brains behind Sarah Silverman’s 2008’s Great Schlep and this years voter registration follow up. A federal SuperPAC, the JCER was

“…created to develop and disseminate information to voters in the United States around issues of concern to the Jewish community.”

In other words – to wake people the fuck up. For democracy.

What do you think?

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