Ultra-Rare Woody Allen TV Special Surfaces Online

[UPDATE 10:55 AM – Well, that was fast. Looks like the video’s been yanked for – surprise surprise – copyright reasons. I guess you’ll just have to imagine Woody running around the halls of power, instead. Sorry!]
[UPDATE 10:29 PM, 8.25.14 – Looks like another copy of “Men Of Honor” has surfaced – this time on Vimeo. Enjoy it while it lasts!]

For dedicated Woody Allen-ophiles, the unannounced and relatively fanfare-less arrival of the celebrated filmmaker’s rarely-seen “lost” TV special is something akin to waking up and realizing the holy grail (or the Ark of the Covenant, or hell, the Shivalinga stones. Take your pick, Indy) is suddenly sitting in your kitchen cabinet.

Men of Honor: The Harvey Wallinger Story skewers the politics and policies of the Nixon administration as it follows “Wallinger,” A Kissinger-esque foil played by Allen himself (alongside Louise Lasser and Diane Keaton), mixing in actual newsreel footage with the fictional story. Originally created in 1971, and scheduled to air on PBS, the channel yanked the special for fear of political reprisals. Since then it had only been available for viewing at the Paley Center for Media… until now. How it made its way online is something of a mystery, as the YouTuber who uploaded the special seems to be from Brazil, with no connection to either Allen or the Paley center. With that in mind, you should probably watch this while you can, as it’s liable to be yanked offline at any minute.

Here then, in its entirety, is Woody Allen’s Men of Honor: The Harvey Wallinger Story

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