Totally Serious Orthodox Video Encourages Jewish Men To Marry Much Older Women

I’ll be honest – when I first saw this video, I was certain it was a parody. But, nope, turns out it’s the real deal – fresh-faced yeshiva boys describing the horrible prospect of marrying women anywhere from four months to “exactly one year and three days” older (*ghasp!*) than they are. No worries, folks, these nebbishy yids ultimately learned the error of their horribly agist ways, and ended up in happily married homes with these old crones. Who knew cougar was kosher? 

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  1. Bernard Mendelbaum
    Bernard Mendelbaum

    4 months may not seem like a lot now, but in a few years, it could prove to be a much more serious obstacle to a healthy marriage. For instance, let’s say a guy is 25 and his wife is 25 1/2…after the 7th child, he may wish he had married a younger woman so he could have eight or nine.

  2. Hiam

    What rubbish!!! 4 month older??!! this video made me puke. really!!
    we are a yeshivsh family.
    My mother is 3 years older then my father – my sister in law is 2 years older then my brother. Grow up.

  3. miriam

    this video should feature older men. The real problem is divorced women age 40 in the orthodox world can never hope to find a man in his 40s. They use “be fruitful and multiply..” as an excuse to date only women 10 years younger….but the video that needs to be made would never be made, because the rabbis also don’t understand why a 44 year old divorced man would want to marry a 40 year old divorced (the hussy! why did she leave her husband in the first place?!) woman.

  4. joshie

    as expected these chimpanzees dont allow comments, what a buncha primitive chimps, so ashamed to have once been part of this cult


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