Ticket Jew

by The Jewish Dream

We’re only a week in, and already 2011 is shaping up to be the year that ticket prices hit the stratosphere. In a world where the Rolling Stones can charge a couple of C-notes for some poor schmuck to watch Mick shake his geriatric tushy from the nosebleeds, Heeb is relieved to see someone out there has us common folk, and our hard-earned shekles, in mind.

Enter www.ticketjew.com. Like any questionably legal discount ticket seller, they claim cheap prices for concerts, sports, and more, and offer “first class service” while flaunting a flagrant disregard for the 4th commandment (that’d be the one about the sabbath, folks). Ticket Jew also takes special pride in their ‘round the clock, 7-day work week; Jew-ing down the price of Justin Bieber tix is more than a 9-5, y’know?

We’re all for saving a buck, but gave up on these guys after we couldn’t find discounted High Holiday tickets. Fortunately, they claim to have great customer service, so give ‘em a call – 570.343.1906 – and tell them you want to front row seats for next Yom Kippur. But please, call before 5pm – After that, they’ve got serious Jew-ings to do.

What do you think?

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5 Responses

  1. Gatorman

    Ticketjew’s 24 hour service is a joke. Sure, you cam leave a message 24 hours a day, but what good is that if you never hear back from “Steve”. Gotta wonder if the guy really exists.

  2. bill

    This company is a joke. Prices are way too high and the delivery time for electronic tickets is problematic too. Their customer service call in number is a joke. As Gatorman said, you can leave a message if it makes you feel good, but it won’t get you anywhere.

  3. The Amazing Dan

    Steve runs a ticket service, offering tickets in a similar fashion as dozens of other online services. If you don’t like his company name or logo, maybe you should just try another service. But I’m sure he appreciates you raising awareness for his site. It’s rather ironic how some folk are so easily offended. For all you know, he could be associating his company with the business savvy sociotype of the Heebish folk, but nope, most folk chose to advance the most prevalent stereotype of their people.

  4. kelvin benton

    These guys have terrible customer service. A concert that was supposed to be february was postponed until october so i tried to contact them and see if i could get a refund. They rarely ever answer their phones and when they did the employee immediately started complaining about how busy he was. Also very expensive. At first i thought the name of the website was supposed to be ironic, but They actually do live up to it. I never got a refund. If you have a choice, i wouldnt purchase tickets from them.


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