These Seinfeld Facts Are Real — And They’re Spectacular!

Okay, so 25 years after the world’s most famous “show about nothing” premiered, you think you’re something of a Seinfeld expert. You know all the in-jokes, one-liners, and backstories. Or, do you?

Leave it to the folks at CineFix to celebrate the quarter-century anniversary of (arguably) television’s greatest achievement with their rundown of “7 Seinfeld Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know” and believe me, these are some doozies. Sure there’s the obvious “Soup Nazi was a real guy” and “Larry David voice-cameo” stuff, but there’s also tidbits about Jerry’s fictional sister, his original neighbor “Kessler” and his mother’s torrid love affair with…James Dean?

Check it out:

That’s a whole lot of “nothing”

[h/t Daily Dot]

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