The M.O.T. Heard Round the World

Not since 1945 when Hank Greenberg clinched the American League pennant with a grand slam on the final day of the season, has a more dramatic home run been generated from a Jewish bat. Yesterday, with one swing, Ryan Braun propelled the Milwaukee Brewers into the playoffs and ended the season of the New York Mets.

To be sure, Braun and the Brew crew’s improbable story has a place in our hearts, but we’re sticking with our pre-season pick, the Chicago Cubs, to take home a World Series trophy.

What do you think?

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  1. Puck

    Well it would’ve been heard around the world…except the rest of the world has never heard of the American League and has only the vaguest idea of what baseball is.
    I was under the impression baseball was dead in America anyway? Are people still watchin


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