The Guy Who Wrote _Fletch_: 1937-2008

Gregory McDonald, the novelist whose work was the basis for Fletch, died this past Sunday after a long battle with cancer.

Much overlooked as one of the great comic masterpieces of 20th Century cinema, Fletch tells the story of an investigative reporter’s efforts to bring to light a drug scandal that involves the Los Angeles Police Department. Irwin M. Fletcher (played by Chevy Chase) does battle with deadbeat junkies, corrupt commissioners, impatient editors, money-grubbing attorneys, overeager internists and, of course–the Underhills–in an effort to uncover the truth. Rest in peace, Gregory McDonald.

And hats off to Marge, your wife.

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  1. rdeguzman94

    RIP to the author of a masterpiece. I’m still looking to borrow a towel because my car just hit a water buffalo.

  2. Puck

    Fletch was a great movie, surely it’s time for a new one…or a new National Lampoon? Bring on the Chevy Chase comeback!

  3. Brian Abrams

    How loser-y is it of me to ask whether it’s worth reading the novel? I may have to give this one a try (again) after all.


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