The “Beat the Jew” Game

Since sex and drugs are boring, a group of high school kids in Southern California have found a new way to pass the time: In the tradition of all the classic Jew-bashing festivities (“Throw the Jew Down the Well“, Soldiers tackling each other for “Jew Gold”), a group of about forty kids have invented a new game called “Beat the Jew,” where a single player (“the Jew”) is blindfolded and dropped off in the middle of Highway 111; the other players (“the Nazis”) drive around and try to “catch, tackle and capture” the designated Jew player.

Because the Holocaust just looks like it was so much freaking fun, spoiled shits had to recreate it as a game.

Apparently, this new pastime is gaining popularity with kids all over the Coachella Valley. With no way to shut it down, the distraught head of the high school (“I’m profoundly disappointed,” says Principal Donna Salazar) can’t even punish them as the game doesn’t occur at school, which doesn’t really matter since any appropriate punishment, e.g., a lightning bolt from the sky, is well beyond the powers of a high school principal.

What do you think?

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  1. LexAeterna

    You are way out of context with your story. If you are going to write about something like this please report all the facts. I attend the school where this occured and no one was trying to “replicate the holocaust”. It was a game of tackletag that was given a stupid name and a stupid setup. Please leave this situation to the school and the students and making this to be bigger than this is.

  2. RabbiDovYitzchak

    As a 21 year teacher in this state id does not surprise me in the least bit that the TEACHERS in this state would allow this….they allow MUSLIMS going through the line at lunch during RAMADAN….”witnesses” doing black line master during xmas…..i sued this state and won because they are wrong and the righteous are right………

  3. anonymous

    it is true, but it is not a hate crime!i t was a game with a stupid name,other people know it as “Cops and Robbers” or “fugitive” What nobody seems to know or care about is that:
    1) All of these students know about the horrors of the Holocaust;
    2) Several of these students are Jewish, and had relatives who were victims of the Holocaust;
    3) Cultural sensitivity is emphasized at La Quinta High;
    4) Students from other schools were also involved – the majority of the students attended LQHS;
    5) La Quinta High and Desert Sands Unified were never involved with the school;
    6) All students were WILLING participants – no one was coerced into participating;
    7) No one was every physically or emotionally harmed in the course of the game;
    8)The name was intended to satirize the crimes of the Nazis;
    9)The participants made no attempt to hide their activities;
    10) The Girl who “reported” the group had long-standing resentments towards some of these students.
    The students who participated in this game are actually tolerant, well-mannered, and intelligent students

  4. Had Enough

    I see much back peddling from Anonymous and LexAeterna. This is another stupid example of what is thought of as acceptable behavior in California. I am from California – I doubt any participants were Jewish. If they were there that is another problem. If I was in that school, I would have prevented this game and taken care of this behavior personally schoolyard style. If you replaced the Jewish subject with Black, Mexican, Indian, etc. this would not have been tolerated. These schools are in high dollar areas – the school says that they were not a part of this behavior – but does not say they do not condone this behavior – what a crock of shiite. La Quinta and Desert Sands should be embarrassed at this publicity.

  5. get it straight

    I am actually closely connected to this story and what LexAeterna and anonymous said was correct. I don’t know why Had Enough thinks they know more details when they obviously did even bother fact checking. AND FYI…the school was in no way connected to this incident and the Principal said repeatedly in many interviews that they DO NOT condone this behavior and were apalled by it. Most the facts aren’t even correct in this story. I guess it goes to show there’s no integity in reporting the truth anymore. I love how you added the pic to really fire up emotions, nice touch.

  6. Seriously?!

    I go to La Quinta High School and your comment is the type of criticism that is really aggravating to us all. We are one of the best schools in the valley and we are looked highly upon and respected by a lot of people. Just because some fourty kids decided to rename some dumb game doesn’t mean that we are neither “vicious” nor “disgusting”. It’s these kinds of comments that are really offensive and rude to the population of the school as a whole. Yes, it was idiotic of those students to make up this facebook group. I doubt any of them actually played btj though. They did it for shits and giggles and it is being taken way too seriously by the public. I understand that it’s very offensive to a lot of people but please, get real. THIS IS DUMB.

  7. WRONG!!!!

    I attend La Quinta High and have talked with many trustworthy adults and affiliated kids about the situation. this web page is bull. first of all there were 4 kids who created the game and the other 36 joined the webpage on facebook. secondly, the girl is a good kid with high gpa and she had nothing to do with it. shes the one who turned the boys in!!!!! get it straight.

  8. try me

    Ok i know that this is a rediculas game that some students put together. its just a simple game of cops and robbers but with a stupid name. the students that created this game notice i said the students that CReated it are looked highly upon. were in IB school. and most of the students were IB students. Of course they are not going to get in trouble. Principle cares to much about school ratings than the actual students. i find that this group not getting in trouble is dumb because they would have done something if it was done at the school. there are so many students that get expelled or in a lot of trouble for things that are done at the park and then found out by staff at school . this is the same thing. this school is just comming down to looks and ratings and not about the students.

  9. Yes, Seriously.

    So first off, “we are looked highly upon and respected upon by a lot of people”. Well that comment just incorrect. Only 51% of kids at La Quinta High School scored proficient or above on their standardized tests. Obviously, you guys are all geniuses…. But moving past the fact that you all as a whole aren’t even remotely respected (especially because of this incident). It is only a “joke”, if both sides find it funny. This should be taken as seriously (if not more seriously) then it is already being taken. There were 40 kids who played this game. Tell the holocaust survivors that “THIS IS DUMB”. If only you could see how incredibly ignorant that statement sounds. That is no defense for what they did, and I think people have already established that they don’t think it’s “dumb”. There is absolutely no defense for what these children did, and although I don’t think they had vicious intentions per se. They most definitely (now to use your incredibly eloquent word) were “dumb”.
    I’m a highschooler in the desert too, but i’ll work on “getting real”. Maybe then i’ll be cool enough to be chased down by “nazis”. Sorry I don’t understand these children’s incredibly sophisticated (not) sense of humor.

  10. libbie

    If you’re from the area and you find any factual discrepancies between the article and reality, please address your concerns to NBC-2, the article’s source (it’s linked to in the first paragraph.) Sorry we couldn’t scrape together the funds to fly an intern out to Cali to get all the facts firsthand, but hey–if it’s breaking news coverage and journalistic integrity you want, feel free to send us as much money as possible. It’d help a lot.

  11. Mike

    Wow…just wow…have we come so far now that we as a people cannot simply laugh and make a little levity at a bad piece of history. For centuries people have dealt with bad things by making fun of them and laughing about it when its over. Grow up it was a game…

  12. Stfu.!

    Okay along with many others that commented this I also attend lqhs okaayy.! && this situation has been blown way outta proportion.! It’s not like we’re acttually goingg outt, finding Jews && beatingg them?!?? It’s just a game.! I bet no one would make this big of a deal about it if it was called “beat the mexican” or “beat the black person”. Jews weren’t the only ones who went through a holocaust, holocausts happen all over the world in all different countries to all kinds of people. This ISNT an attempt to re- in act the holocaust.! This game wasn’t meant to affend anybody && if it did I apoligize. Just because someone decided to play the game doesn’t make them racisit or anti-seminist. To tell yuu the truth the people that played this game the most were in fact Jews. It’s a harmless game of cops && robbers with a dumb && offensive name.

  13. Me

    Wow, stfu, if it had been called beat te black person or beat the Mexican there would have been the same amount of outcry-.- this is stupid. I don’t go there, but as I have relatives who died in the holocaust and know others who also so, it is extermly offensive!

  14. anonymous 2

    Yes I agree they are very intelligent students at La Quinta High School, but as we know even smart people can make stupid decisions. Unfortunately when you do stupid things, you suffer the consequences.. it’s just how it works. And I am 100% sure you have no idea how the person that reported the game felt towards the creators of the game. Regardless of the students race, they should be ashamed of themselves. Indeed if they are Jewish as some say, then I would have to say that this game is a slap in the face to their ancestors. Thank you for for people like the person that reported the game, without them where would society be? Nobody was physically or emotionally hurt by this game? really? then may I ask why it was reported. I know many people who are very offended by this game. And about the teacher comment.. ha! as a student I know that none of my teachers have any idea what I do outside of school. They have a teacher-student relationship, not a parent-child bond it is not their responsibility to control the children outside of school. thank you for listening.

  15. josie

    ok from a student from LQ may i say those kids arnt stupid or spoiled. They were just two teenager kids with too much time on their hands yes they were ignorant, but they shouldnt have brought the subject of the school into it because now everyone thinks every student at LQHS is an anit-semetics

  16. Anonymous

    the way I was told the game was played, was not that they were blindfolded.

  17. Cruz

    YES! I actually go to La Quinta High, and though I have to say that not all the students are doing this, I also wanted to say THANK YOU! This is exactly the kind of criticism that these moronic students deserve! They all think they are the most important people on Earth, which they ACTUALLY said at a pep rally once, and this is EXACTLY what they deserve! So thank you for taking those wastes of life down a notch! It feels so sweet! The sex and drugs line = PERFECT!

  18. anonymous

    OK, final count of students suspended for playing the game:
    IB Students: 6/7
    Jew: 2
    Lesbian: 1
    Asian: 1
    Mexican: 3
    White: 1

  19. anonymous

    addendum: The Lesbian is the white girl also. sorry for not catching the addition discrepancy


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