Susanna Hoffs, Ted Leo, And Aimee Mann Get Into The Hanukkah Spirit

Readers of Heeb probably know that we’re not overly fond of Hanukkah song parodies. That said, we’ll give Bangles guitarist Susanna Hoffs a pass since, in this case, she’s both parody’er, as well as the parody’ee.

At a recent performance by The Both (that would be Ted Leo and Aimee Mann), Hoffs joined her gentile pals onstage, adding some seasonally appropriate Jewishness to Leo and Mann’s Christmas Music tour. Sure, her reworked “Nes Gadol Haya Sham” lyrics to the Bangles’ “Walk Like An Egyptian” are kinda corny, but it’s damn near impossible not to crack a smile when Susanna starts to dance.

While Hoffs probably grew up singing songs about her dreidels and latkes, this isn’t Mann’s first foray into Hanukkah music, either.  Here’s Mann at her 2007 Christmas show, joined by comedian Morgan Murphy as the, uh, rapping Hanukkah fairy:

[h/t @HarryR]

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