Stalling for Time

When news of Senator Larry Craig’s ill-fated “search for love”: in a Minnesota airport men’s room first broke, we at Jewdar weren’t sure if we should comment on it. After all, it wasn’t even the best gay-Republican legislator-in-a-public-restroom-sex-scandal of the year, that dubious honor belonging to “this guy.”:

True, Lavatory Larry’s (we just coined that) story did have a certain charm: the fact that he was a United States Senator; the fact that he tried to make it seem like it was all just some sort of droll British comedy of errors (“My word, you though I was doing _what?!_”); the fact that this powerful man was brought low by something so sordid, and yet, he ultimately didn’t even get laid in the process. But as he has “postponed,”: his resignation, we feel compelled to re-visit the story.

To be sure, “Craig’s efforts to rise from the political dead”: are a longshot, yet, they’re juuuuuuust believable enough to imagine him running for re-election next year. Then, we’d be able to test the hypothesis that, in Idaho, even a Republican caught in a crapper caper can defeat a Democrat.

What do you think?

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  1. iconic

    yeah Craig is stalling. This story has legs … with wide stance. The Larry Craig stall at the Minnesota airport is now reportedly a top tourist attraction. The 2008 Republican Nominating Convention is in Minneapolis . When those delegates


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