Spend A Few Hours Playing With This “Old Jewish Couple” Generator

Ever fantasized about selling all your earthly goods, changing your name, and abandoning your current life for that of an elderly yid? Here’s nearly a quarter of a million ways to get that ball rolling, thanks to this “Old Jewish Couple” name generator.

Just reload the page for an exciting new, Old Jewish Couple

Turns out I’m “Harry Zilberbaum.” I’ve decided Harry’s a retired salesman from Queen. He hates waiters who refill his water glass without asking (“Always too much ice!”), and hasn’t bought new pants since 1987. Harry is mildly diabetic, and has some problems with his swollen prostate. He is not glad to meet you.

Now it’s your turn. Who’d you get?

[via Shmideo, cover image via]

What do you think?

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