Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting is Going to Heal the World with Poop Jokes

Meet Leah Rudick and Katie Hartman, the half-Jews who make up the component parts of the sketch comedy duo Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting, a name that originated in college when when Rudnick and another equally tall, thin  were having a conversation, and a girl approached them and “made a crack about how she wasn’t invited to the “skinny bitch” meeting. “I laughed like a mentally handicapped person and made everyone feel very uncomfortable,” Rudnick said. “We often have awkward encounters like that because we don’t have any social skills.”

Regardless, you should still meet them. Go to one of their shows and experience for yourself the bizarre, childish brand of improv that has earned them a spot at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival two years in a row. But what kind of humor can one expect from these nutjobs? “Everyone poops,” Hartman said. “People of all races, creeds and nationalities. We’re going to heal the world. . .with jokes about poop.”

Guess that explains their shit-centric St. Patrick’s Day video below.

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