Sick Over Swine? Wait Til You Hear About the Chicken.

Yesterday was definitely a slow news day, folks. That’s why local news branches went so far as to report on the uproar at a Popeye’s Chicken, which, thank goodness for slow news days, is YouTube gold.

What do you think?

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Brian Abrams

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  1. Brian Abrams

    The 0:52 mark is the best: “No chicken? Or are they just out of chicken?”

  2. joshua_neuman

    What’s amazing is how unbelievably long this report is. The Iranian President at the UN gets screen time!

  3. lee.frank

    This is a long video. I feel duped, too. I’m serious. I’m done.

  4. steveokc

    Poor fubadubas! Imagine if there was a story about the bank running out of money, and all they showed were angry jAwishks….the station running the show would be shut down and the offenders would have to attend 1000 hours of Elie Wiesel lectures.


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