Shik of It All

This week the crappy emo-band Say Anything dropped the video for their song "Shiksa," which manages to do what no Jewish outreach organization has managed to do as well: make interfaith dating seem completely unappealing.

What do you think?

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  1. Hesed

    wtf is that shit? I guess I like the part where they are disembodied heads but they really ought to be dead, putrid and swollen, not screeching insipid fag rock. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go shove an icepick into my middle ear.

  2. Hesed

    Please, spare me your indignation. “Fag” is too good of a word to give up to your bullshit idea of politcal correctness. At the end of the day I’m the one on the street and paying my HRC dues and your the one thinking that queers are second-class citizen

  3. Puck

    Erm…I’m gay. You are as perceptive as you are wise, Hesed,
    Presumably people can use the same excuse for Kike or Nigger.
    And it’s the Torah, not the bible.
    Isn’t there an abortion clinic you could be blowing up somewhere? Or some gays you could be bas

  4. iconic

    … how about your pc ,Hesed. do you think gays should be allowed to marry?

  5. Hesed

    Right, except that kike and nigger have no vernacular value other than as derrogations. “Fag” has many uses that have NOTHING to do with homosexuality or degrading homosexuals…such as in the way I used it. Are you gonna get up on your high-horse when y

  6. Puck

    Oh I didn’t realise you were the spokesman for Homosexuals all over the world, and that referring to something in a derogatory fashion by linking it to homosexuality was OK. Unless of course you were linking the music to cigarettes?
    I’ll let all the gays

  7. Hesed

    I guess I’ll just have to repeat myself since you went ahead and ignored my last post completely in order to create your straw man to burn at your convenience.

    I would not go to the Bronx (or anywhere) to convince a black person that the word “nigger”

  8. Puck

    So you’re linking the songs to cigarette, Hesed? What other meanings does fag have hmm? You’ve listed two and one’s been ruled out, which leaves the gay thing? So…what are the other meanings…we’re all waiting?
    I don’t actually find the word offens

  9. Hesed

    No, I dont say the word “nigger” because its a racial derrogation with no other purpose than to debase.

    Don’t try to play it off like you’re all cool with the word fag. You started this little bitch-fest and now I’m gonna hand you your ass like l alway

  10. Puck

    No you weren’t :)
    You were using it in the gay sense, and everyone knows it.
    And keeps your hands off my ass, I’m gay, not desperate *shudder*

  11. Hesed

    The Queer Crescan is gonna presume to tell me what I mean and what I dont mean. I TELL YOU that I didn’t use the word fag in reference to homosexuals. You say “there is no other meaning other than cigarettes”. I say there is, then you asked me to give you

  12. Puck

    I just wanted to make you irate enough to start resorting to homophobic insults…my work here is done };)
    And you did mean it in the gay sense, it took you quite a while to find another meaning for it, you must’ve been googling like crazy!
    You’ve been a

  13. Hesed

    I don’t see how anything I said is in any way homophopic. Judging from your up-tight and weird sensitivity to your own sexual inclination it looks to me like you’re the one with the hang-ups, not me. I have no problem with queers. (considering my advocacy


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