“She’s really a lovely girl…”

Admit it boys, that’s usually the first phrase you hear when being set up with a chick who lives on West 96th street. Truth be told, there’s a lot we single, secular ladies can learn from Sh*t Frum Girls Say.

Take note: too much kugel is a good thing, sashes add a burst of color to any outfit, and best of all, should someone someday pop that special question, wigs provide endless hairstyle possibilities (especially after all your hair falls out.) Good Shabbos, Mertz Hashem, and maybe “soon by you.”

What do you think?

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Product of the Westchester prep school, Abigail learned the etiquette of lawn parties with porcelain Barbies from the age of 5. Now graduated to bankers and lawyers of the most rarified knickerbocker circles, she is like Ivory soap 99 and 44/100th percent pure.

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