Scenes From New York City’s “Celebrate Israel” Parade

It  stands to reason that anytime thousands of New Yorkers cram the streets of Manhattan, there’s going to be some photo-worthy moments – All the more so when the vast majority of those thousands are Jews of all stripes, flavors and styles, crowded together in midtown for the annual “Celebrate Israel” parade. Jews from across the city put on their finest marching attire (typically, colorfully branded t-shirts) and set off down Fifth Avenue to show their love for Israel. Meanwhile, the streets were lined with throngs of supporters, gawkers, and yes, protesters, too.

We sent photographer Mo Gelber (you might recognize his work here) to this year’s “Celebrate Israel” parade to show our readers a taste of what happens when Jews have a parade. These pictures are by no means the width and breadth of the parade, which featured families, schools, organizations and synagogues. Rather, they are the images that stuck out to us as we watched Jews from across the Tri-State area turn out and celebrate Israel.

For more of Mo’s photography, visit his Facebook page.

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