Sarah Silverman Wants to Scissor Sheldon Adelson

The Great Schlep, the 2008 project to mobilize the liberal Jewish vote by having Jewish college kids schlep their grandparents out to the polls for Obama, is back for the 2012 campaign season. This time Sarah Silverman has an indecent proposal for Mitt Romney’s sugar daddy, Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson: a little scissor action.

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Daniel Sieradski

Daniel Sieradski is a writer, web designer, new media producer and Heeb's resident Digital Strategist. He is also the founder of Occupy Judaism,, Jew It Yourself, and a billion-and-one other digital age Jewish ventures. He has been called "a major figure of the Jewish Internet world" by the Forward, which counted him among the 2010 Forward 50, and a "professional thorn in the side of the American Jewish establishment" by Haaretz.

18 Responses

  1. Steve

    No wonder Jimmy Kimmel dumped her. She’s completely classless, and hardly a role model for young Jewish women.

  2. David Exman

    I’m sure she’s just trying to communicate down to a level that Sheldon Adelson would understand. See, it’s a joke…. see?

  3. Wiglett

    Adorable dog! I’d spoon and snuggle that dog too! (But not scissor)

  4. bernhardt

    ……..and of course if you vote for Obama you’ll have 4 more years of this crap instead of real issues . Marshall McLuhan was right. the vessel is more important than the content . She is a very good looking woman but …….phew !!!! and Obama wears an awfully nice but empty suit

  5. Yakom

    Lighten up and get a sense of humor! If you are frum you probably shouldn’t be looking at heeb anyway.

  6. Ben

    what, you guys would rather keep using your bubbe’s stockings?


  7. Adam

    Sarah is a disgusting, low life, self hating Jew. She is an embarrassment to all of us, let’s simply boycott her shows, movies, and everything else she does, don’t go to her pathetic shows, don’t write about her, just DON’T do it…and the best part of it is that it’s easy, cause she is simply NOT funny.

  8. Uncle Andy

    Oy! That poor girl. And that little dog looks like the unhappiest dog in the world. She’s a decent girl, I’m sure. Maybe she could use a little guidance, a little education in manners, in politics but not in comedy. That she should have given up long ago. In comedy you got it or you ain’t. She ain’t.

  9. Lance

    Love her. If your are offended by her humor I pity you. Her being Jewish does not define her nor does her comedic career. Her actions define her. I’d scissor her in a heartbeat.

  10. Ben

    Honestly, if you don’t understand and appreciate the levels of her humor, you might as well just focus on her body and walk away like little bitches. I mean, this is no cosmic revelation, but for Christ’s sake if you don’t get it just admit and find a picture of Natalie Portman or Mélanie Laurent.

  11. Teddy

    “Love her. If your are offended by her humor I pity you. Her being Jewish does not define her nor does her comedic career. Her actions define her. I’d scissor her in a heartbeat.”

    +1 !

  12. neilbob

    total bangable…i would (dont like her support of obama)spank her first!!


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