San Francisco’s Jewish Psychic

The folks over at Tablet Magazine have a interesting profile of Jessica Lanyadoo, a Jewish psychic and medium, who has been endorsed as “The Best Psychic In San Francisco”. Walking viewers through a home filled with (occasionally kitschy) Judaica, Lanyadoo talks about her family, her house, and how much she likes her “stuff”. The child of refugee Baghdadi Jews on one side, and Holocaust survivors on the other, Lanyadoo attributes her family and their stories with helping her capacity to listen to her clients’ pains.

Take a look:

Ultimately, though, the video leaves one feeling as if it’s missed the larger, and arguably most interesting, point – How is it that a woman so clearly enamored with Judaism’s accoutrements (if not the religion) has come to be so deeply involved in something as unexpected (and, arguably outside the mainstream) as astrology? I suspect there’s more to Lanyadoo’s story than we’re seeing here, but what do I know? I haven’t checked my horoscope in years.

[via Tablet Magazine]

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