The Only Palestinian Jean-Claude Van Damme “Epic Splits” Spoof You Need

By now JCVD’s “Epic Splits” Volvo commercial has been played nearly sixty million times, and is part of that upper echelon of Youtube royalty reserved for the Tay Zondays and Nyan Cats of the world. So, it really shouldn’t come as much of a shock that it’s been parodied countless times, to varying degrees of success, all over the world. For my money, though, this Palestinian spoof by Gaza-based media collective Tashwesh Gaza (“Gaza Jamming”) takes the cake:

Okay, so maybe it’s not gut-busting comedy. And, yeah, maybe the message is a little heavy handed. But when it comes to the Gaza I’ll take youtube spoofs over actual violence any day of the week.

Besides, if this is the video which ultimately leads to reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians, then one day we’ll be able to say – with straight faces – that we live in a world in which Jean-Claude Van Damme helped achieve peace in the Middle East.

[via Al Arabiya]

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