Oy, The Maccabeats again?

Remember the Maccabeats? Those fresh-faced songsters from Yeshiva University who injected viruses into our ears and…wait, no, that’s not it…  Ah, yes – who “had a viral hit” with “Candlelight”, their massively popular Hanukkah-themed version of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”, a few years back. Well, they’re back.

Sort of.

See, it turns out our little Maccabeats are all grown up and got themselves graduated. (Mazal tov – I’m sure our card was lost in the mail) But, determined shove their ear-wormy brand of enthusiastically Judaic pop-parodies even deeper into our aural cavities, some of these ex-Maccabeaters have joined forces as StandFour, and have come out with this (brand new, totally different) a cappella Hanukkah pop parody! (Actually, three – this here’s a medley, folks)

As we said last time these yids started bellowing – “We want in on that action.” In that spirit here’s StandFour’s latest (and, first, I guess) viral hit: “Eight Nights”

What do you think?

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  1. Fred Haeusler

    I love the concept of a cappella singing accompanied by instruments . . . this could be a whole new genre

  2. Shmuel

    As no instruments were used in this song, I don’t see the relevance of Frrred’s comment?


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