Finally, An iPhone App Specifically For Complaining. Meet “Oy!”

OY__-_MISERY_LOVES_COMMUNITY™That the internet is a cesspool of doom and gloom kvetching is certainly nothing new, but with the “Oy!” app, bitching at the push of a button has never been easier.

Much like its palindromic cousin, the much ballyhoo’d “Yo,” Oy! is a single-purpose app, existing solely to broadcast that perfect Jewish exclamation to a user’s circle of online friends. According to the Oy! website:

Oy! Gives you three ways to voice your mutual exasperation with current events, or just the events of your day.”

1) Just say Oy!

Utter a simple OY! to friends

2) OY! the news!

Browse the news and broadcast Moments of OY! to your Community

3) Share your OY!

Say OY! to friends and add your own message

In other words, three ways to spread your misery and displeasure with the people who matter most to you – Perfect for the upcoming holiday season!
[h/t Dan]

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