Oprah Loves Smearing Foreskin On Her Face (Sorta)

When we hear “Oprah’s favorite things” we tend to think of new scented candles, or a fancy artisanal toffee. We don’t think of foreskin-creme to smear all over our faces. And yet, it’s her endorsement of a schmeckle-based anti-aging product that has the big “O” catching flack during a series of Canadian appearances this week.

It seems that a few years back Oprah gave an on-air thumbs-up to something called “TNS Recovery Complex”, a skin-revitalizing lotion which happens to contain foreskin-derived fibroblast skin-cells. That’s right: foreskin cream. As a result, anti-circumcision advocacy org The Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project (CAN-FAP. Get it?) is using Oprah’s Canadian tour this week as an opportunity to stage a series of protests outside of the media mogul’s Ottowa, Montreal, and Hamilton events. As CAN-FAP member Glen Callender put it, in an statement to Toronto’s TheStar.com

How would Oprah respond if a skin cream for men hit the market that was made using cells from the genitalia of little girls? I think she would be absolutely disgusted and appalled, and rightly so. So it’s crazy that she’s doing the opposite

This isn’t CAN-FAPs first dust up with the most powerful woman in broadcasting. Here there are protesting an Oprah appearance this past January:

It seems, though, that objections to the product, however sincere, may be the result of a pharmacological misunderstanding. As TheStar.com reports:

[Product manufacturer] SkinMedica founder Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick has previously stated that while an ingredient in the anti-wrinkle cream is derived from foreskin fibroblast, the cells are grown from a single foreskin obtained more than 20 years ago. “Initially, there was a misunderstanding and people thought we were actually grinding up the foreskin. So, there was a lot of snickering and laughing about people putting this foreskin product on their face,” Fitzpatrick said.

Still, though, you have to wonder what series of laboratory hijinks must have taken place to lead to the discovery of the face-rejuvinating properties of foreskin. What’s more – has millennia of detaching our own foreskin left Jewish men in a perpetual state of premature wrinkles (on our face)?

Still, we look forward to seeing the inevitable Oprah-inspired villain in an upcoming issue of Foreskin Man.

[via, image via Can-Fap.net, h/t Slade]

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