Old Man Kvetching At Subway Performer Is The Most New York Thing Ever

Let’s see…

  • Crowded subway car? Check
  • Annoying busker? Check.
  • Annoyed old Jewish man? Check.
  • Awkward confrontation, oscillating wildly between “passive aggressive” and just regular “aggressive”? Super-Check

Yup, this just might be the most New York City video in existence. To you, grouchy old man, we say “thank you”! If you ever run out of deserving targets upon which to pour out your kvetchy wrath, just let us know – We’ve got an entire list.


What do you think?

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2 Responses

  1. Halfsours

    The older gentleman sang better, and was far less irritating than the kid with the guitar.

  2. Rita T

    Love it!! I don’t blame the old guy…….sometimes people get tired of being subjected to everyone else’s “music”. Or loud cell phone conversations. Or screaming babies. Or arguing couples. Or giggly girls talking loudly about ANYTHING. I don’t think a subway or bus with a captive audience is the right place for a street musician. It should be on the STREET or the platform…somewhere where people have a fair shot at getting AWAY if they don’t like your noise.


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