Nobody Hates Israel Like CNN Viewers

(video after the jump)

While Rick Sanchez chatted politely with Wolf Blitzer about the current US-Israel tensions, followers of his Twitter feed chimed in with these insightful points:

Beau1969 believes that "Israel is greedy"

Meanwhile, Mattarringt thinks we’re "not strong enough! we send them 3bn/year and they spit in our face. End all $$ to Israel until they’re serious about peace"

And our personal favorite, Kingyahoo, tweets this little nugget of wisdom: "It is simply posturing. Rick, don’t you know Israel is boss and USA, simply an obedient servant? Jewish lobby runs America."

All this commentary and more ran across the bottom of the CNN screen during Rick’s List. And is Sanchez possibly digging it? Judging from this tweet yesterday, it looks like he’s ready for more: "r u-s military guys upset at netenyahu [sic]? wait til u hear, now!"

(Via Politico and Gawker)

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What do you think?

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