No One Hits on Poor, Poor Bar Refaeli

Oh, the sad, sad life of supermodel Bar Refaeli. She was dumped by Leonardo DiCaprio last year because of how grossly unattractive she is (or maybe he was too busy having Martin Scorcese and Christopher Nolan fight over him?), and now she’s revealed that she’s still single because no men will hit on her! I certainly wouldn’t…although that’s more because Leonardo DiCaprio was one of my pre-teen crushes.

The Israeli model may be on top of the Maxim Hot 100 list but it isn’t scoring her any dates. “No one hits on me… No one flirts with me. It’s really sad actually.”

I’m playing my violin for you right now. It sounds really sad actually.

But gentleman, if you happen to see Bar Refaeli (in a Bar, perhaps?) and can work up the courage (or the desire) to ask her out, she does have a few dealbreakers when it comes to men and bad teeth is one of them.

 “The first thing I notice in a guy is his teeth. I have a fetish… I like him to have a great smile and really white, bright teeth.”

Keep flossing and brushing and maybe YOU could score the Israeli sexpot. It’ll probably be super easy!

Watch Bar Refaeli’s whole interview on Conan below:

What do you think?

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  1. Regina

    Mark, I challenge you to a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” duel. Up for the challenge? ;)


  2. DirkJohanson

    She’s not even hot, and probably has irritable bowel.

    And I’m confident that out of the camera’s eye, she is screwing ballplayers and playing with chicks.


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