Necro’s ‘Yinglesh’ Verbal Torrent

Horrorcore rapper and cult legend Ron “Necro” Braunstein has never shied from his Jewish identity. But with his latest project “Jewish Gangsters,” he’s really letting it all hang out.

Here’s his new track, “From the Streets (Yinglesh Verse).”

I’m often first in line to shit talk Jewish rappers, but I ain’t sayin’ a critical word about Necro because I interviewed him for Jewschool once, and I’m pretty sure he would would kill me. And my whole family. And my dog. And you for reading it. Which isn’t to say it’s not good – I’ve always marveled at Necro’s production and flow, and here is no exception. I enjoy “Jewish Gangsters” in the way I enjoy Inglorious Basterds and Wolfenstein 3D, as a dark fantasy. But ultimately, I’m just one of those “pussy Jews” that doesn’t care for an overabundance of misogyny, homophobia and violence in my music.

But if you do, enjoy! And if you have something not nice to say about Necro, do so at a far, far distance away from me.

What do you think?

About The Author

Daniel Sieradski

Daniel Sieradski is a writer, web designer, new media producer and Heeb's resident Digital Strategist. He is also the founder of Occupy Judaism,, Jew It Yourself, and a billion-and-one other digital age Jewish ventures. He has been called "a major figure of the Jewish Internet world" by the Forward, which counted him among the 2010 Forward 50, and a "professional thorn in the side of the American Jewish establishment" by Haaretz.

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  1. Mike Shapiro

    Cute. For all of his braggadocio, I wonder how he really would have interacted with my mom’s cousin, Lepke.

  2. anonymous

    the author is a pussy and makes me want to shy away from my strong jewish identity. i constantly am amazed at how different american jews were a generation or two ago and saddened how i will never see that for myself, and i am saddened to see a shit talker like this guy talk so much shit about a jew who keeps it real without the ivory tower bullshit like that the author professes. i don’t understand my people sometimes and they can be fucking embarrassing. jews don’t have to be violent and ignorant and homophobic but they also don’t have to be a people set apart from everyone else who are out of touch with everyone else.


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