I’ll never understand why some people love tofu so much; It’s bland, colorless, and has a consistency somewhere between “yogurt” and “silly-putty”. This picture (sent to us by an eagle-eyed, backpacking reader) certainly doesn’t do much to help its reputation, either. You have to wonder – if tofu takes on the flavor of whatever it’s cooked with, what does this batch taste like? Is this really the best way to whet people’s appetites for a food that already has a less-than-stellar reputation?

I’ll stick with pastrami, thanks.

Soy vey.

Soy vey!

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What do you think?

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  1. Rabbi Andy

    Did no one think it might actually be the Hindu, Buddhist, or Jain use of this 12000+ year old symbol?

    This symbol has been used by many cultures to represent ideas, animals and deities across the world. These have included, amongst many others, native Americans, Celts, Saxons, Sami and Japanese.

    Just because it was appropriated by an evil regime does not make inherently evil or change it’s use and meaning in other cultures.

    As this product is a large part of far eastern cultures it is most likely that it the Buddhist version, known as a yungdrung in ancient Tibetan, which is a graphical representation of eternity that is in use here.

  2. Bernard Mendelbaum
    Bernard Mendelbaum

    “Did no one think it might actually be the Hindu, Buddhist, or Jain use of this 12000+ year old symbol?”

    No, that doesn’t seem possible. It is probably a Nazi -sympathizing tofu manufacturer. Do you not see the swastika on each piece of tofu?

    Also, aren’t you a rabbi? How do you not know the world is only 6,000- years old?

  3. Sass

    Actually, it was the Nazi’s who took that right-facing swatstika and rotated it 45 degrees. So while we can’t be certain, this does appear to be Nazi tofu.

  4. Hannah

    They have this symbol everywhere in Asia… and guess who eats the most tofu…


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