Nazi Punk Dress Up

Bomber jackets and combat boots are so 1997. In true late-‘90s teen movie fashion, Germany’s modern day neo-Nazi has gotten a makeover, emerging more stylish than ever and harder to spot. Because the law cracks down on any outward sign of Nazi allegiance (the Berlin Police Department is even prohibited from wearing styles popular among skinheads when they’re off-duty), young racists are finding subtle, creative ways to show their white power pride by donning these popular labels:

New Balance Sneakers Neo Nazi National Socialism

New Balance: Neo-Nazis have traded in their stompin’ boots for something sneakier. The “N” is apparently their secret code for National Socialism.


thor steinar Neo Nazis viking company

Thor Steinar: Neo-Nazis dig this designer because of the logo, which integrates pagan symbols and runes that were also popular icons among National Socialists

ben sherman Neo Nazis logo

Ben Sherman: Neo-Nazis are down with the mod-tastic ‘60s designer Ben Sherman, as is decid-edly Aryan-looking country singer Taylor Swift. Coincidence?

Lonsdale NSDA Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei Hitler's National Socialist Party

Lonsdale: Neo-Nazis get creative with layering when donning these boxing shirts. When displayed under a partially upzipped jacket, “NSDA,” the acronym for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Hitler’s National Socialist Party), peeks through.

Fred Perry Amy Winehouse Neo Nazis Skinheads

Fred Perry has scored a match point with racists with their hip T-shirts, whose black, white and red collars recall the color scheme of the Third Reich.

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    They actually can be found there.
    But only 4 of them?
    I tapped more than that for free on my Senior Year trip @ School :P


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