MTKL‘s IDF-Inspired Clothing Line Showcases Strong Israeli Women (And Plenty Of Underbutt)

What happens when you take military fetishism to terrifyingly literal extremes? You get this ferkakta video from dudebro Israelis Amnon Shenfeld and Ilan Missulawin:

Armed with nuclear-grade misogynistic puns and executed with a hand so sweaty it makes Maxim look like the SCUM Manifesto, Shenfeld and Missulawin solicit donations for a calendar promoting their clothing line, “MTKL,” which they describe as “the sexiest and sharpest military inspired street wear the world has ever seen,” but seems to feature outfits halfway between “stripper-chic” and “sexy-IDF soldier Halloween costume.”

But wait – The calendar will spotlight real-life female soldiers of the IDF… many of whom even saw combat! These are badass, tough, self-actualized women who fought in the Israeli Defence Force, and may have even killed people! At the very least, the video promises they “handle guns!” (using my expensive film degree I can safely say that the “gun” is also a metaphor for your dick… and maybe also for entrenched militarism!)

But let’s get to the meat of this thing and answer the question on everybody’s mind: “Is there any underbutt?”

the most under of butts

the most under of butts

Because what else communicates that these are strong, powerful women more than a leering close-up of their underbutt?

So, if you have some money to spare and you get off on the trifecta of boobs, guns and Jewish nationalism, then you’ll probably want to donate to their campaign. And if that doesn’t appeal to you, maybe do it for the the Jewish dudebro in your life who still proudly rocks an IDF t-shirt and who peaked during sophomore year of college when he banged Rebecca Rosenblatt on the roof of AEPi. He’s going through some rough times right now and he could really use your attention.

What do you think?

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