Mini Me in Jerusalem

The last time diminutive actor Verne Troyer was up against a wall in season 4 of the VH1’s The Surreal Life he was pissing on it. Fortunately, the former Mini Me was a mini mensch during his recent visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where he posed for pictures, gave a (relatively) big thumbs up, and scooted away without micturating on Judaism’s holiest site. With so much strife in the Middle East these days, it’s nice to see people still value the little things.

Mini Me in Jerusalem 1

Mini Me in Jerusalem 2

Mini Me in Jerusalem 3

Mini Me in Jerusalem 4

Mini Me in Jerusalem 5

Mini Me in Jerusalem 6

[via Oh No They Didn’t!]

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  1. Omri

    No, the shirt just seems like overly stylized jew-ish kitsch, the writing says “sababa”

    Now, what struck me is that surely this is how Natan Sharansky would’ve looked had he stayed in the Siberian gulag.


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