Mindy Meyer Makes the NY State Senate Race More Jewish…and Pink

The state senate race just got EXTREMELY hilarious…and very pink.

Mindy Meyer is a 22-year-old Orthodox Jew who hails from Brooklyn and is running for New York state senate. Was she inspired by the great female politicians of our times, the Nancy Pelosis and Hilary Clintons?

Nope. She just watched Legally Blonde too many times. “You can make pink sophisticated,” Meyer said, refrencing the Reese Witherspoon rom-com. “She took pink to a top legal institution like Harvard, so why can’t I bring it to the Senate?”

Why indeed.

Meyer’s entire campaign philosophy seems to be based around pop culture. Her campaign slogan is a play on LMFAO’s disgustingly pervasive “hit”, “Sexy and I Know It”:

I get that she’s referencing the song, but the bad grammar is still appalling.

Meyer’s pink and sparkly website (which plays the LMFAO song on a loop that you cannot turn off, kill me now) declares her objectives:

“A lifelong Flatbush resident, Mindy is the first young woman in the history of New York to run for New York State Senate. The Orthodox Jewish woman, aged 22, is the candidate for both the Republican and Conservative party lines. Mindy intends to utilize her religious values and moral compass as her guide. “I can tell you one thing, I have no experience in corruption,” said Meyer. “This is how politics has to change. There is always corruption, but I have the intention to follow my values and ensure that none of what happens in my district is corrupt.”

Mindy Meyer, changing the world one sticker star chart at a time.

What do you think?

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Mark Dommu

Heeb's Culture Editor is a writer and performance artist living in Brooklyn and the reigning ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ trivia champion of NYC. Mark created, writes and stars in ‘I Give Good Hebrew’ and is the Editor-in-Chief of The Culture Whore , which curates and celebrates the best art being made in Brooklyn/NYC and around the world.

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  1. Goodbye Columbus

    Orthodox Jews tend to vote Republican. The GOP message on religious and social issues tend to resonate with the Orthodox population. The larger question at play is whether or not the greater Jewish vote is at play. In fact the NYTimes has an article today discussing this. In my opinion, the Jewish vote may very well be shifting to the Republican side for many reasons. The 99%/1% rhetoric of the Democratic party has become quite divisive. Many Jews, although not in the 1%, are in the top of the 99%. Issues that resonate with the pocketbook such as taxes and economic growth that may affect them negatively are causing a shift away from the Dems. Additionally, the President’s Israel policy is not seen as being positively in Israel’s corner.
    Whether or not you may agree with these points, they are what others I have spoken with are considering.

  2. Jeff

    I call foul. She isn’t really Orthodox; I saw a full-length photo, and her skirt came only to her knees.

  3. jdl58

    consider that her hero is rudy guillani. afterall she has lived through the guilliani years(he was last in office when she was 10. braindead zombie

  4. Niner

    “Mindy is the first young woman in the history of New York to run for New York State Senate”


  5. Howie

    That pink ain’t down with Tznius; Frum celebriticians are one thing,miscegenation with Republicans? This is a call for a Beth Din!

  6. Yankl

    I think she got the Repub endorsement because it is hopeless and no one else wanted to run. See “Politics and Poker” from “Fiorello!”

  7. yiddishe maydel

    I love it!! I feel bad for her, that she’s mistakingly Re dicklican, but omg, shes no worse then those sicko nazi Repubs running,,,funny she doesn’t see that the Repubs are running women and people below their income into the ground,, now, they’re poisoning the water,, too young to remember Auschwitz, Pinky? Peace

  8. Mike Shapiro

    Now I went to her website and my ears hurt!!!!

    I do have some questions:

    Does she have some sort of orthopedic problem? She seems unable to hold her head straight.

    What is her annual makeup bill? She seems to wear more face makeup than Snooky.

    What sort of qualifications does she have? According to her website, she is a not yet attorney and is “working for a real estate attorney”, not exactly prepared.

    Wait, soon my head will hurt. I think I’ll go take some aspirin and lie down.


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