Michael Savage Calls Kagan “the Pagan,” and Other Jew-on-Jew Mudslinging

Along with the usual unsupported allegations against her, right-wing Jewish radio personality Michael Savage has been ripping on Elena Kagan for her Judaism—more specifically, that she is a “type that Jewish people refer to as ‘bagel and lox Jews.'” For those of us who have never, ever heard of that term before, Savage explains that it refers to “a person of Jewish descent who mocks her own religion.”

So that’s every Jew ever, right?

Savage has also maturely berated Elena Kagan on his show, the Savage Nation, for not being married with children (although he would never say the same thing about Senator/bachelor Lindsey Graham), and for being unattractive.”Isn’t there such a thing as the aesthetics of the appointee?” he asks. Oh, and he insists on making fun of Kagan’s name by calling her “Kagan the Pagan,” despite the fact that his own real last name is not Savage, but Weiner. Nice going, dickhead.

What do you think?

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  1. Phojo6

    Not recently but most rightly, the savage wiener has earned the title of “The Rectum of Talk Radio.”

    I find Wiener to be the most loathesome, butt-ugly (physically and mentally) of all talk radio hosts; it strikes me as bizarre and hypocritical that he, of all people, makes fun of others looks and other characteristics. And of course, his middle-school excuse for humor, making up derogatory pseudo names for those he chooses to put down (most of the inhabited world) is what he views as intellectual. There are a few million mouth breathers that get off on such childish b.s. Altogether not bad for a country whose population has surpassed three hundred million.

    Jeez, Libbie, you are sooooo cute!

    P.S. I am happy to see the creation of this new blog. Perhaps you are just being ironical, but I suppose you know that “heeb” has been used in the past the same way as “yid” and “kike” have by the Nazi inclined; it’s a strong perjorative.

  2. Alex Berson

    Regardless of what Savage said, Kagan is a terrible choice for Supreme Court. She is a Left-leaning lawyer with no bench experience. Her answers at the hearing were vague and showed that as any Obama appointee she believes in increasing government involvement/control over individual rights.
    Savage is right to bash her, his approach is not always kosher, though

  3. Phojo6

    Past experience as a judge has never been a prerequisite for the Supreme Court, and Kagan is not the first nominee with tremendous knowledge of law who has never held a judgeship.

    She probably does have a slight tilt to the left; Obama was the most brilliant student she ever had. Do you know ANYONE who walks around with no bias at all? Human nature prohibits.

    Of course she was vague during the hearings. Congress itself, admits that its nothing more than a show — the same as quizzing a doctor or scientist would be. And her points about encountering their subjects in future legal decisions was accurate. And savage is still a joke.

  4. jerry mazzoni

    Michael Savage is right, Kagan will destroy and you are the Dickhead you stupid idiot. Go live in Cuba to find out what Kagan and Company have in store for your ass fuck head

  5. libbie

    Thank you for your very intelligent and thoughtful comment, Mr. Mazzoni. These days it’s mighty hard to come by real insight like yours.


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